Business Analysis

Business analysis is the exercise of change in an organizational context, together with the description of the various needs and solutions recommendations, which are valuable for stakeholders. Our professionally trained BA business analysts have exceptional skills in conducting thorough research into the internal workings of companies and finding solutions to their respective organizations ‘ problems.

Business Analysis Training

Business analysis Training is the collections of countless tools and strategies to analyze and counter the issues in the business.

What We Teach

  • With strategic context provided we conduct environmental and internal Analysis to recognize the key performance indicators and; the various factors critical to success.
  • To understand potential issues and situations, we use multiple investigative techniques to get a holistic view of the Business situation.
  • Our rationale includes a Business change lifecycle, a Business Analyst’s role and the framework activities in Business Analysis.
  • We teach you how to identify potential solutions by defining a new business model, conducting a gap analysis and identifying IS/IT requirements in order to support the new business model.
  • To get the perspective of a stakeholder we analyses and model business activities by conducting stakeholder analysis.
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