Selenium Automation Tester

To test web applications in the past, technological organizations used a multitude of software’s but couldn’t quite find such a robust framework until Selenium testing was introduced. It is a portable tool which helps in carrying out a functional test without learning a test script language.

Importance of Selenium Automation Tester Training :

The flexibility of selenium in allowing developers to write scripts in various programming languages, to support testing frameworks such as unit and Testing and its usability in a variety of IDE’s, makes it an active member of developers community. Hence, Selenium software training is a skill in demand nowadays.

What We Teach

  • Define Selenium, the evolution of Selenium and know its advantages
  • Components of Selenium Suite:Selenium IDE,Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver & Selenium GRID
  • Deploying Selenium IDE functions and commands
  • Learn about POM Frameworks, TestNG and IFrames and Alerts in Selenium
  • WebDriver programs like Textbox, Checkbox and multiple Windows using Selenium Grid for software testing
  • Selenium Vs. other tools
  • Role of Selenium in DevOps lifecycle
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