Tableau Designer Training will teach you to see and understand your business data easily. Tableau is a key player within the business intelligence field. Our training will help you use this program to analyze and visualize your organization’s data.

Tableau Designer Used For

Tableau is one most fast-growing data visualization tools which are currently being used in the BI industry. Tableau designer training It’s the most effective way to change or transform the raw set of data into an easily understandable format with zero technical skills and coding knowledge.

What We Teach

    • Learn about Create and use Groups
    • Understand the difference between Groups and Sets
    • Learn about Create and use Static Sets
    • Learn about Create and use Dynamic Sets
    • Learn about Combine Sets into more Sets and Use Sets as filters
    • Learn about Create Sets via Formulas, Control Sets with Parameters
    • Learn about Control Reference Lines with Parameters
    • Learn about Use multiple fields in the color property
    • Create highly interactive Dashboards
    • Develop an intrinsic understanding of how table calculations work
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