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“I attended BA training course with subash afew months a go and it was one of the most comprehensive course I took. Deep dive in BA core concept , stackholders engagement techniques preparing professional helped me in my job.”

Imran Talib

“Subhash is an awesome trainer. Getting trained from him is like talking to a industry professional. He has an awesome placement record for the candidates with a guaranteed placement in less than 90 days.He has good back end support for the placements and i have seen guys from different backgrounds shining their careers and professional outlook. Would easily recommend him to anyone looking to get pro services.”

Mr Singh

“I attended BA training under direct supervision and teaching of Mr. Subhash . He is professional as a teacher. I completed my training online. I did not have any difficulties in understanding. I always had the chance to clarify my doubts. I received all the training support specially the video recordings of the classes which is very helpful. Tech background is not an essential aspects for becoming a BA. The training is designed in such a way that one will come to learn about the roles, responsibilities and functionalities of a BA, profoundly. Currently, I am working as a BA . And, I still receive support if needed.”

Masrur Elahi

“I, took training from Subhash about 3yrs ago and have been associated with him since then, He is such a brilliant Trainer who has a massive industry experience with a very strong skill set and upbeat personality and has the ability to explain the concepts in many different ways matching all the different individuals capacity. Also his staff is very co-operative and understanding.”

Jasangad Singh

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