• chaitanya pasupulachaitanya pasupula

    Great place to get trained as business analyst, trainers are good they explain you from the basics, which helps both whether you are a Non-IT person or IT person.

  • Rakesh SharmaRakesh Sharma

    I am really a lucky one that I got Mr. Ali as my B.A. trainer and Mr. Subhash who is another genius. The best thing I found is that the team is so well organized and they are more concerned about my success than I am. They not only train you from scratch, find a job for you and place you, but also provide ongoing support. I couldn't ask for more! I highly recommend them.

  • Lakshmi Sai Pratyusha ChamartiLakshmi Sai Pratyusha Chamarti
    This is a really great company for anyone who wants to enter the BA field. I was worried that, coming from a non-IT background, that it will be harder for me to grasp the concepts, but Ali (who was my trainer) was amazing at teaching the course material. I would highly recommend this company to my friends.

    I have enrolled in BA classes at Complete BA trainer. The process was fantastic - from enrollment through to the course itself. I am able to access the course via my phone or computer, download course content, easily navigate through the documentation. The content is on point with what I expected and easy to understand. In addition, to that the trainer ALI is fantastic . The trainer was great in explaining the application process. He was very articulate and patient. The trainer took the time to answer every single question, he is skilled and explained how to think of the BA framework from the right perspective. The sessions were very interactive and focused on content and explained each knowledge area in detail.

  • Jyotsna MacherlaJyotsna Macherla

    “It's a great place to look forward towards business analysis. The course is impressive in terms of content and teaching , faculty was cooperative and they have cleared all my doubts even after my training sessions, training with this team helped me in learnings new concepts and builds confidence to tackle real time Situations,
    I would like to Thank Asha and trainer being cooperative , Sessions after training had really helped me in facing the interviews with confidence”

  • Abu SiddiqueAbu Siddique

    Mr. Subhash was my teacher when I attended the class last year. It has been a great experience for me, he was able to place me in two contract position for me. The work he teaches in class are in par with the work you will be doing in the industry. I recommend him to anybody that is willing to start a new career in the field of BA

  • Mohammad SiddqueMohammad Siddque

    The best place for BA training , no questions asked. The trainer is extremely thorough in the subject matter. The team is also very helpful and understanding, accommodating requirements of every individual .

  • Lav MehtaLav Mehta

    Undergoing a course of education: you create a line of dots, gaining experiences at different places: connects some of the dots, all these are important but you are always left with many questions in the mind, many dots to be connected. And here you meet Subhash who connects almost all dots and you witness the flow of comprehension not only in the subject but also you are able to connect to the real world.
    Thanks Subhash for sharing all your excellent experiences and all your support. Thanks again.”

  • Sairam GoudSairam Goud

    This institute is where one can learn all the fundamentals of being a BA, Subash Sir gave his best to make us understand the concepts in the right way giving real-time examples and easy to understand approach. He has excellence and lot of patience in clarifying all our doubts. With the help of the sessions comprising of assignments and practicals conducted by Subash sir, one can easily understand and learn the principles of business analysis and the same happened with me which helped me to get a job. It was a really advantageous training. I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in seeing real progress in their career as a Business Analyst. All I could say now is ''Thank you''.

  • Sulman KhalidSulman Khalid

    This course is great! Really helped me. I was a student of Ali and he really helps you understand and makes the class fun. I have also met with Subhash multiple times and ge is a nice guy. They are serious with their work and with your future which is good.

  • Mahbub KhanMahbub Khan

    I recommend everyone that’s looking to start a new career . They will take you through from start to finish . The classes are great and the instructors teach with heart ! They want you to be good at what you are hired to deliver. I been working at a great mortgage insurance company for almost a year now . I thank the whole team they really helped me and put me in a better place In life . I appreciate them . They are the real deal everyone should inquire for the next class and change your life !

  • Sarina KhanSarina Khan

    I took the training for BA/QA course with them. The instructor was really helpful and made it really easy to understand the course. I also appreciate the efforts made by them to support me in my job hunt. I would definitely recommend them.

  • Farhan NadeemFarhan Nadeem

    The training provided by these guys is the best in the NYC/ NJ area. They trainers are experienced and well rounded for market requirement. I appreciate the personal interest this company takes in each and every individual and help them find jobs in quickest possible time. Highly recommended.

  • Jasangad SinghJasangad Singh

    “I, took training from Subhash about 3yrs ago and have been associated with him since then, He is such a brilliant Trainer who has a massive industry experience with a very strong skill set and upbeat personality and has the ability to explain the concepts in many different ways matching all the different individuals capacity. Also his staff is very co-operative and understanding.”

  • Masrur ElahiMasrur Elahi

    “I attended BA training under direct supervision and teaching of Mr. Subhash . He is professional as a teacher. I completed my training online. I did not have any difficulties in understanding. I always had the chance to clarify my doubts. I received all the training support specially the video recordings of the classes which is very helpful.

  • Mr SinghMr Singh

    Subhash is an awesome trainer. Getting trained from him is like talking to a industry professional. He has an awesome placement record for the candidates with a guaranteed placement in less than 90 days.He has good back end support for the placements and i have seen guys from different backgrounds shining their careers and professional outlook.

  • Imran TalibImran Talib

    “I attended BA training course with subash afew months a go and it was one of the most comprehensive course I took. Deep dive in BA core concept , stackholders engagement techniques preparing professional helped me in my job.”

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